Peggy Hughes

About Me

I love teaching 4th grade! Fourth graders are awesome to work with – we have fun discussions and enjoy learning together.

Grandma lives with Mr. Hughes and me; we love having her fun, loving spirit and companionship in our home. We all love going out to eat together and on drives up the canyon or downtown where Grandma grew up.

I love reading, listening to music, and walking my two dogs – Charlie Brown and Scamp. I think pets are children with fur. I love Charlie Brown Peanuts, Harry Potter and Jane Austen. Pasta, Asian cuisine and Baskin and Robbins ice cream (not all together at once) are my favorites.

My heroes are my mother, Dr. Pol (Michigan Veterinarian) and Frodo Baggins who has the pure heart that only a hobbit can have. 

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Ms. Hughes 4th Grade English / Spanish

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