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Student Government

Our middle school students get many opportunities to develop leadership skills. Beyond setting good examples of scholarship for the student body, our Student Body Officers (SBOs) help each day with morning announcements. They also are on hand tor assemblies, and any other grade level or student body activities.

Isaac Hernandez President
Harrison Carsey Vice-President
Denasja Taylor Secretary
Taliyah Vigil Historian
Zander Zoun- Historian Historian

Students that support the SBOs

Mason Barbir

Grace Beckstrom

Zahra Behsodi

Tamia Burton

Terianna Burton

Karuna Dhungel

Isabelle Farrell

Corbin Fitzgerald

Eyrie Gant

Shea Macher

Takarah Parker

JeanPaul Valle-Alamo

Meka Woolstenhulme

Yussuf Yare

Kelli Neuteboom Faculty Advisor
Frances Battle  Principal
Kelli Neuteboom

Kelli Neuteboom

Middle School Teacher