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  • Nibley Park School Compact
    Nibley Park School (K-8)
    At Nibley Park, we feel that it is essential for us to have a partnership for educational success between school and home. Together, we will provide a quality education for our students and daily reinforce the importance of excellence in all that our students do to achieve at the highest academic and social levels. The purpose of this document is to describe the responsibilities of the student, parent and school. Working together we will teach and motivate our students to be successful leaders in local and global communities.
    Student’s Responsibilities
    Students agree to promote the importance of education and have a positive attitude about school and learning. Students agree to:
    • Arrive on time prepared to work and participate in the daily lessons.
    • Be at school every day, with the exception of illness.
    • Stay on task, listen and follow instructions, do quality work.
    • Complete assignments and turn in homework on time.
    • Follow the Codes of Conduct and “Bee Expectations”, (Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible) that are posted throughout the school.
    • Live the Community of Caring Values (Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trust, and Family) to become responsible citizens.
    Student Signature
    Parent Responsibilities to Students
    Parents agree to promote the importance of education and provide a home environment that will nurture and encourage each child to have a positive attitude about school. The success of the student depends on active, continuous parent involvement. The parent agrees to:
    • Ensure your child is on time to school and attends daily. If student is ill, please request homework.
    • When possible, schedule medical/dental appointments before or after school.
    • Become an active partner with the school, share ideas, ask questions, volunteer and offer assistance.
    • Provide a positive learning environment and study time at home.
    • Support the Codes of Conduct and the “Bee Expectations” (Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible) that are posted throughout the school.
    • Help your child complete and return homework and make-up assignments on time.
    • Attend scheduled SEP conferences, other parent conferences, Back to School Night and school events.
    • Read all communication from the school and your child’s teacher.
    • Show sincere interest in and concern for student achievement.
    • Praise and reward student success.
    • Model Community of Caring Values (Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trust, and Family) to become responsible citizens.
    • Spend at least 20 minutes reading with each child grades K-6 and/or provide opportunities for student to read each day.
    • Avoid interrupting class time.
    Parent Signature
    School Responsibilities to Students
    The Nibley Park staff understands that parental involvement and commitment will not occur without the active support of the principal, teachers and staff. Nibley Park (K-8) agrees to:
    • Provide an equitable opportunity for each student to learn. At Nibley Park, “Every student matters, and every moment counts. We are winners!”
    • Provide a quality level of education for each student with an appropriate and reasonable amount of homework.
    • Maintain ongoing, open communication with parents regarding student progress and school events.
    • Schedule parent meetings to describe objectives for educational goals and discuss student progress.
    • Model Codes of Conduct and Community of Caring Values.
    • Praise and reward student progress and give ongoing feedback to students.
    • Continue to improve and provide quality instruction for all students’ individual needs.
    • Encourage parental involvement and participation in school committees and events.
    • Respond to parent correspondence.
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    September 23, 2017


  • Emergency Preparedness


  • Schools Fees

    The Utah Constiution prohibits the charging of fees in Utah elementary schools. This means students at Nibley Park from grade K-6 cannot be charged for textbooks, classroom equipment or supplies, musical instruments, field trips, assemblies, snacks (other than food provided through the School Lunch Program or for anything else that takes place or is used during the regular school day. If you wish to purchase school pictures, yearbooks or similar items through the school those costs are not fees and will not be waived. Also, if you student loses or damages school property including library books, computer equipment, etc. the costs of replacement or repair are NOT fees and will not be waived.


  • Outdoor Recess Policy


  • Student delivery and pickup

    Nibley Park (K-8) is a proud “Top Walking and Biking School” with a two mile maximum school boundary with no school bus service.

    As more students are being driven to school in the colder months, we want to make sure that all of our students are arriving safely at school and our drop-off and pick up procedures are being followed.The school was designed without a drop-off lane. The west parking lot is close enough for students to walk to and from cars.

    PLEASE drop off and pick up from the west side parking lot. The RIGHT Lane in the round-about is a FIRE LANE. The driver may not exit the vehicle at any time. The left lane is a THROUGH LANE. Students may not exit the vehicle from the left side lane at any time.  Crossing guards are stationed there with “Safety Patrol” students to help your child walk the short distance on the sidewalk to the school. We are also asking parents to not leave their cars idling or park, and do not leave cars during the rush hour before and/or after school. Thank you for your support and maintaining safety at our school.


  • School Parking

    Nibley Park has two  places to park. One is on the east side of the building, and where teachers usually park. The other is the west side parking lot in the front of the building. There are a few parking spots near the building between the fire lane. This parking area is for quick visits to the school, and not for long term parking.  Please do NOT park in the fire lane on the right hand side, nor the left side the passing lane. These lanes are for the purpose of emergency vehicles. You will be asked to remove your vehicle if you park in these lanes. 


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