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March 17, 2020

Dear 5th and 6th Grade Students and Parents,

During dismissal from school, we, the music teachers, would love for you to continue your music learning!  You can do this in many ways.  There are lots of online resources available to you.  Below are specifics from your teachers that will guide you in your practice if you have instruments at home.  Also, if you are in Ms. Alvarez’ class, she has attached a link to her youtube channel, which contains sing alongs, and play alongs for ukulele and violin.  Ms. Wade’s violin classes may decide to try the violin play alongs as well for fun.  They are almost like a video game.

Our basic guidance is a minimum of 30 minutes a week.  Just a little bit a day really helps!

Notes from Ms. Alvarez to 5th/6th grade Choir and Ukulele students and Wasatch 5th/6th strings students:

I have put together a Youtube channel called Ms. Alvarez Music Class.  So far it doesn’t have any videos that I have made, but click on playlists and you will find resources for violin play alongs, and violin basics all of our choir songs and other videos tied to them, ukulele play alongs, and more!  I will keep adding to the play lists as I find new materials that are interesting and fun to watch and learn from.

Here is the link:  you have to copy and paste this into your browser, since you can’t click on it here.  It also may be hard to find if you enter the channel name in the search bar of Youtube, so try to go through the link. 

Note from Mr. McCallister to 5th and 6th band students:

 If you have your instrument at home please focus on:

Long Tones 2, 3

Articulation Ex. 2

Rhythms 3, 4, 6, 9, 10

Look at:

Mead Avenue Rag 1-32

Sawmill Creek (pg 20) 3-15

Try to play a little everyday! 

Note from Ms. Wade to 5th and 6th Violin Students:

Do lots of listening.  Google violin and cello and listen and watch.  There are also videos on youtube in Ms. Alvarez’ playlists that you can watch or listen to.  If you have your instrument at home, play at least 3 favorite songs every day.

We will miss seeing you!  Stay safe and let music enrich your lives!

Ms. Alvarez, Ms. Wade, and Mr. McCallister

Dave McCallister

Dave McCallister

Elementary Teacher