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Linda Roundy is the Library Media Teacher at Nibley Park School. Ms. Roundy has been in education for many years. She spent most of the time studying about reading and about  teaching children how to read. For the past few years Ms. Roundy has been a librarian at Nibley Park School. She is excited to learn all the things librarians have to know to do a good job. Did you know that schools with certified librarians tend to get better scores on the end-of-year tests? The most exciting thing for Ms. Roundy is learning all the new technology for making friends and learning about the world. She worries about students who do not read for one reason or another. How can you ever learn about anyone besides yourself, if you don’t read? There are many good teachers at Nibley Park who would love to help anyone become a more skilled reader and you are invited into the library to find something exciting to read!

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