Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access the Parent-Student Portal?

    You will find the link to the Parent-Student Portal from the drop down menu on Nibley Park Home page under the Student Tab.  You will be instructed to create an account. In order to create the account you will need an access number and a password number which you can get from the librarian. 801-481-4842 ext. 222. After you have created a Parent-Student Portal account, the student’s computer login information will access the portal for your use.

  • How do I help my child improve his or her grades?

    The most important way to help your child improve their grades is to be genuinely interested in what they learn. This is different than checking to see “What is due tomorrow?”.  We know discussion is the foundation of all learning.Talk to your child about what they did in school, how they felt about the lessons, where they feel strong or where they feel they could use help. Do not accept ‘nothing’ or ‘boring’ for answers. Be cheerfully willing to draw your child into talking with you about school. You have heard about reading 20 minutes a day; it is so much more powerful when a discussion about the reading follows. Setting aside a quite space and a particular time of the day to help them with homeworks is beneficial. Remember homework should be easy enought for the child to do practically all by his/herself.  Homework is to help your child become flexible and fluent with information, not learn it all over again. If the homework is too difficult talk to your teacher about work the child can do independently. Above all, talk about your school and your student’s teachers respectfully. Children want to please parents, if they know you respect their teacher your child will work hard in school. Teachers at Nibley Park work very hard to prepare thoughtful engaging lesson and are eager to talk to you about your child.

  • What is A2A, Assessment to Achievement?

    New this school year, Nibley Park teamed up with Utah State Office of Education (USOE) to improve instruction using data from student work including the end of year SAGE test, Salt Lake City School district interim assessments, as well as teacher created classroom assessments. Teachers meet each week with district coaches and with Nibley Park administrators to evaluate student progress and their own teaching strategies. USOE provides training in data analysis and classroom observations. Based on last years test data, Nibley Park is working to improve scores in math and writing.

  • What is DIBELS?

    DIBELS stands for Dynamic Indicators of Early Literacy. From reading research we know that children who make early benchmarks in reading are more like to be successful for their entire academic career. The Indicators of Early Literacy including recognizing letter names and letter sounds, being able to hear separate sounds that make up words, and reading naturally, so the reading sounds like talking. If you want to know more about DIBELS contact your student’s teacher.

  • Where should I park my car?

    The main parking lot is west of the school and right next to 800 South. There is parking on the east side of the building where teachers generally park their cars. There are a few parking spots nearer the door which are for very short term visits. Please do NOT park in the fire lane, not the passing lanes that circle the front of the building, Drivers will be asked to move cars parked in two travel lanes (fire and passing). 

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