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Indoor-Outdoor Recess Policy

Sometimes it is difficult to determine when students should play outside or stay inside for recess and lunch. Click the link below to view the guidelines from the Salt Lake City School District which Nibley Park follows.

Indoor-Outdoor Recess Policy



The Extended Learning Program (ELP) of the Salt Lake City School District offers educational opportunities for students who show high academic abilities in grades kindergarten (K) through eighth. One component of ELP is a K through 6th grade magnet program.  Currently, we are accepting requests to assess students to determine eligibility for possible placement into next school year’s K-6th ELP magnet and International Pathways (IP) (a Spanish bilingual magnet).

If you are interested in requesting an ELP assessment for your child entering grades K-6th please call 801-578-8573 as soon as possible. Testing must be requested prior to February 21st, 2014. If you would like more information, go to the website http://www.slcschools.org/depts/exceptional/elp/ or call the phone number listed above.