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Grandparents Lunch – with the Grade Level of your Student

Grandparent eating school lunch with grandchildren 2016

Lunch Times

K: 11:15-11:45

1: 11:25-11:55

2: 11:40-12:10

3: 11:50-12:20

4: 11:55- 12:25

5: 12:00-12:30

6: 12:25-12:55

7: 12:25-12:55

8: 12:25-12:55








We need Substitutes!

We have great teachers at Nibley Park K-8, and once in a while they need a substitute in their classroom. It’s nice to have a substitute with a familiar face and some knowledge of our school to make these days go smoothly.

Are you a Nibley Park K-8 parent who meets these requirements?

  • A minimum of two years of college or a High School Diploma or GED and the school principal's recommendation

  • Age 21 minimum

  • Ability to read and write in English

  • Favorable results on criminal background check

  • Attend the mandatory employment orientation 

  • Accept direct deposit or pay on a payroll card

  • Flexible schedule to work same-day assignments 

  • Work at least two (2) days per month, not to exceed 15 days/month

    Great flexibility, extra income, and helping out at our fantastic school!

    Apply at :

    Thank you!

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Curriculum and Assessment Lab Classroom Application

The Curriculum and Assessment Lab Program (C&A) is now accepting applications through the Open Enrollment process for the 2017‐18 school year.


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